I don’t save lives and I’m scared of heights.

This morning I had a ‘wow’ moment. To be specific, the moment my wife walked downstairs I thought WOW.  She looked AMAZING.

Now don’t get me wrong, my missus always scrubs up to an acceptable level. Better than acceptable. Even when the plan is to just knock around the house or nip to the shops, she looks good. Better than good (just in case she’s reading).

However this morning – WOWZER TROUSER.

SO. What the jiggery pokery is going on? Am I appreciating her more today – I don’t know? Am I  waking up to the fact that I have married a handsome woman – I don’t know?  All I do know is that this morning her hair seemed to catch the light and fall in such a way, as to be appealing to mine eye.  Her make-up – flawless; accentuating her show-stopping eyes and  delivering the kind of beautiful skin glow that would steal the breathe of the most seasoned Casanova. Her chosen outfit displayed all the right bits,  like a proud peahen, and would have seemed perfectly at home on the front cover of some stylish thirty-something ladies-that-lunch magazine.

As I  admired my wife’s beauty, I pondered what I could have done to be the proud recipient of such a glamour puss, on today of all days? Just an ordinary day after all. Nothing special today. A day with the family; Nuncle visiting; bite to eat. Just an ordinary day. A bog standard, run-of-the-mill kind of day.  And then I remembered. Today we were taking the children to the Open Day at the local fire station.  Today we were mingling with, chatting with, laughing, admiring and marvelling with the firemen. The brave, life-saving, rugged and charismatic firemen.

That is all I have to say about today.



  1. Khal

    This blog is hilarious made me chuckle loads :)))
    p.s firemen in uniform going down the pole!!
    Worth making the effort for! Without a doubt lol :D

  2. We have met your wife on numerous normal occasions, and think she always looks breathtaking. And neither of us are firemen. Perhaps there are heights of unimaginable beauty she can reach with the right incentive. Like firemen.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Sam, I'm a friend of Gemma's from her previous (now previous, previous) school and I've been following your blog for a while now, it's hilarious. My own children are older than yours, but at 18 months apart I remember it all so well. There's good news though, they morph into teenagers that never spend any time awake, and life returns to easy and fabulous.

  4. Well, obviously your missus wants to to be proud of herself, as a representative of the entire family. End of the day, who do you think those hunky heroes at the station will admire? lol :)

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