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5 reasons why I am in trouble today

1.  I was apparently told to watch the baby when Wifey went upstairs.  I can not confirm or deny this.  However I can confirm that I did not watch the baby and that the baby was found eating cat food in the kitchen.  I can also confirm that I am in trouble.

2. I was asked to make Wifey a cup of tea, and I did in fact make Wifey a cup of tea. Success. I failed however to furnish her with the cup of tea and left it on the work surface in the kitchen, to go cold. ‘On purpose‘.  When asked to re-heat it in the microwave, I took far too long to do so. When I did get around to warming up the tea, I left it in another incorrect place and the tea went cold. Again. I am in double trouble.

3. I built the wrong configuration of ‘Hot Wheels’ track, resulting in a toddler melt down and me being the worst father EVER. I was instructed to sit on the naughty step. I did.

4.  Today, despite being good humoured and handsome (my words no-one else’s) I have been ‘incredibly annoying’ because every time I am left alone for a moment (and some when I am not) I have my head buried in my laptop, furiously typing away and sniggering to myself. (I amuse myself if no-one else).  Back to the naughty step.

5.  As of yet there is no five (!)  I anticipated, as a result of the way the day was heading, that I would be laden with choices for number five when I wrote the title. Yet alas nothing. Result.

Currently I am making a sweet potato and aubergine curry that I found and trying to be attentive. I have offered more tea, wine, the opportunity to go for a nap and leave me in charge (!) and a free ticket to some pyjama-less action when the kids have retired for the evening.  All rejected. Particularly the latter.  (I heard a snort I am sure).

(In actual fact, currently I am sat at the kitchen table, listening to chaos upstairs, surrounded by aubergine and sweet potato recipe stuff and haven’t technically started doing anything.  So I may be back with a number five update shortly




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