Man in his Pyjamas A collection of comedy writing, poetry and Asperger Syndrome.


I like words.  I like using words.  I like writing words down in ways that make me laugh. I like rhyming words. I like words put next to other words in ways that make other people laugh. I especially like those words. I also like the truth.  The truth is interesting and largely hilarious if you look at it the right way. I have little interest in anything that is not the truth. Or funny. That is all I have to say about words and the truth.

Man in  his Pyjamas is cheaper than therapy. It ebbs slowly forward affording me opportunities for laughter, self-reflection and financial gain. If truth be told my heart lies in writing, as does I suspect, my salvation. But for now I can be saved with bouts of therapy and single-malt whiskey.

Herein lies a collection of comedy writing, in which I may be prone to hyperbole; a collection of mediocre poetry that I have written, some of which I perform HERE; and further links to other writing I have undertaken by request, for either goods or money. There is also a page about having Asperger Syndrome, because I have Asperger Syndrome.

This website is my gift to you. It is non-refundable before you ask.


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