Dear Jesus, Joseph and Mary

I can see your face in the baubles, As you untangle the lights behind me. I can hear the sound of you sighing, As you wrap tinsel around the fake tree. I can feel your intense dis-liking, As you ask me to pass you the fairy. This Christmas I fear for my well-being, Dear Jesus, … [Read more…]

First Class.

Is it valuable or urgent? And if so how so? Is it essential it’s received? I.e. does it really need to go? Would the recipient notice if it went astray? Would you be happy with delivery three weeks today? Okay a month But that’s definitely the most Of course that’s only 1st class post We … [Read more…]

The Honeymoon

  The hotel, at best, is adequate At worst, an ill-managed shack The beach is a convenient two miles away Annoyingly four on the detour back The food is repetitious and repeats on me The queue for ping-pong a meandering line Weather is crap Wish you were here We’re having a shocking time The entertainment … [Read more…]

The Entrepreneurial Mule.

Stood on the sand a fine figure he cut, Un-tethered, back leathered, preparing to strut. Characteristically nodding his head for good measure, This I could see was his business and pleasure.   Impressed was I by his jib, This descendant of Jesus’ ride to his crib, Stood patiently by, As I, Espied, And heard the … [Read more…]