Is that nice man dead yet?

Saying hello to a grey-haired gentleman that I walk past every morning seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. It was after all a beautiful morning. I had slept well, eaten a hearty breakfast and was enjoying my stroll. I had I estimate walked past the same gentleman a good thirty … [Read more…]

Have you got change for a punch?

As I get older I am becoming more thoughtful I think. More thoughtful of other people, their lives, the World, and as result I’m trying to act accordingly. More in accordance with my ever changing views of what it is to be a decent human being. My Twitter account will tell you that I am just … [Read more…]

An evening of attempted murder and mime.

I am a vegetarian and a self-styled trainee Buddhist.  I engage in regular meditation sessions and aim to lead a positive and peaceful life. Wherever possible, I wish not to cause suffering. However that said, if you get in the way of my children falling asleep I will try to kill you. Eventually. Then I’ll … [Read more…]

The dream, her immediate reaction, and her reaction sixteen and a half hours later.

The dream. I cannot remember the dream in it’s entirety, however the main thrust is that I was dying. Not dying as being diagnosed with something dreadful, and spending ones time sorting affairs and saying goodbye.  Dying as in, lying down, struggling to breathe, and trying very hard not to die. As you do.  I expect. This … [Read more…]

An unexpected letter of apology to the cat.

Two things….. Having children throws up all kinds of unexpectedness Children throw up unexpectedly, Both of these statements are a fact. I know this because (as regular readers will know) I have children. Now, in the time before I had children (the time I like to call ‘nice’) I knew that children threw-up. I knew this.  I did not need to have children to know this, … [Read more…]

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

I am a minimalist at heart. A happy minimalist. If I were to live alone, I would have ten possessions. Those ten possessions would be… no particular order…… TV Bed Shower Laptop Whisky glass Whisky Pyjamas Bicycle Meditation cushion Spectacles I think I could function perfectly happily with no more than the above ten carefully selected items. Other people may … [Read more…]

How many is too many?

I am 39 years old and here is a fact of my life. In the first 38 years of my life I bought zero (0) toilet seats. However in the last year of my life, I have bought four (4) toilet seats….so far (I should clarify when I say last year, I meanas in years 38 to … [Read more…]

Dickens had kids right?

I shall admit right off the bat that I have never read A Tale of Two Cities* and to be honest, I probably never will. However my literary inadequacies aside, I am going to assume that ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…‘ was written about the trials and tribulations of travelling and … [Read more…]

Imagine (if you dare)

Imagine a week away with good friends.  Imagine a little cottage, with everything you would need for a comfortable stay.  Imagine a picturesque village, with a delightful public house next door.  Imagine the beach on your doorstep and a tank full of petrol in your new car to transport you delightful places, further along tree-lined country … [Read more…]

Deep breaths and muttering

So it goes a little something like this…. I DO NOT want to buy an electric lawn mower, as I have an ethically and morally superior hand push affair that makes me feel all holy; but  I secretly borrow (and use) a friends mower because it cuts my grass all pretty like and I like … [Read more…]