One does not set out to be a complete nob head, one just is a complete nob head. It’s a natural state of being. The situation itself, in which one is a nob head, is largely irrelevant. The seasoned, season-card-holder of all things nobacious, can generally do his or her thang, regardless of the seemingly banal nature … [Read more…]


Today is the very first day of January. On the very last day of December (seems like just yesterday)  I vowed to my wife, with great vodka-induced solemnity, that January for me would be a WHOLE MONTH of zero booze and plentiful yoga. This is essential I feel, as on my last attempt at a forward-fold, … [Read more…]

Tin foil

The other night I wrapped my entire head in tin foil just to spite my wife; to show her who wears the trousers if you will.  That’d learn her. This backfired on me somewhat as I felt very, very sick for the rest of the evening. Bleurgh. I don’t know if I have a Bacofoil allergy … [Read more…]

Uh-huh. The a,b,c of faking it.

My daughter is now talking. More and more everyday. New words splurge out of her little face hole, on a  daily basis. Seemingly without end. Or reason. Wifey and I are of course as proud as any good parents would be. Should be. We smile inanely at each other, wrinkling our noses, as our beautiful … [Read more…]


I have not really written exclusively about my daughter on this blog as of yet.  Pretty much because up to now she has done nothing of note that is worth blogging about. Second child and all that. I suppose the only interesting thing about her, as far as I am concerned, is that from the very moment of … [Read more…]

Dads, sharks and serial-killers.

I am of the generation of fathers that recognise that playing with their son is necessary to ensure positive bonding and healthy relationships. If I play with my child now, he’ll remember it in later years and opt not to turn into a serial killer when he turns twenty.  Seems a good investment.  I’m in. My wife is … [Read more…]

It wasn’t the squirrel.

I am always looking for ways to wind people up.  It is fair to say I am a wind-up merchant. However it is also fair to say that I can, and do, take as much as I give, so therefore I feel no shame about my penchant for teasing.  My wife told me very early … [Read more…]

The price of youth

I am going to be forty next year and I’m looking forward to it. For me every decade brings a greater sense of self and direction. I relax a little bit more into my skin. I become more confident in my lack of confidence and more willing to listen. Ageing is suiting me down to … [Read more…]

An evening of attempted murder and mime.

I am a vegetarian and a self-styled trainee Buddhist.  I engage in regular meditation sessions and aim to lead a positive and peaceful life. Wherever possible, I wish not to cause suffering. However that said, if you get in the way of my children falling asleep I will try to kill you. Eventually. Then I’ll … [Read more…]