Too many bottoms for Daddy.

I am a modern man and no mistake. I believe the term is ‘metro-sexual’ or at least it was the last time I cared.  I am in touch with my inner-woman and increasingly hang my hat on the ‘To thine own self be true’ peg. Therefore, I have no issue what-so-ever with my three year-old … [Read more…]

The hardest thing to do while hopping.

Due to my recent public humiliation and resulting immobility –  see here if you haven’t heard – I’ve have had much time to contemplate. Sitting for extended periods of times does funny things to your brain after a while. However, there was a time before stagnation and boredom.  A time between injury and diagnosis. This was … [Read more…]

Painful in so many ways

I am quite a sporty gentleman, a bit of a show-off and hate getting muddy without prior warning. These specific character traits are necessary exposition to explain how I ended up sitting by the side of a busy road, humiliated, immobilised and waiting to be rescued by my mother. You see being sporty gave me the confidence to sprint … [Read more…]

The price of youth

I am going to be forty next year and I’m looking forward to it. For me every decade brings a greater sense of self and direction. I relax a little bit more into my skin. I become more confident in my lack of confidence and more willing to listen. Ageing is suiting me down to … [Read more…]

Ninja school-boy

I walk to work because I like to walk.  I used to cycle to work because I like to cycle, however my man-berries requested politely, via a G.P’s cold hands and a very public ultrasound, that I cease cycling to work.  So I walk to work. It is also the case that my eye sight is mediocre … [Read more…]