There are two things I like about hats.  In order, they are: 1. The way they feel 2. The way they look This is my yang. There are also, as it happens, two things I dislike about hats. In order, they are: 1. Other people 2. Other people This is my ying. The weight of a … [Read more…]


Being a parent is a conundrum yo. This worries me because I’m whack at conundrums.  I live my life with the Countdown theme tune bouncing around my square noggin. Panicking against the clock that I’M NOT GOING TO ABLE TO WORK IT ALL OUT IN TIME. Fighting the urge to snap my pencil, flick Nick … [Read more…]

The swimming pool

Sunday 19th January 2014 I awoke with a feeling of dread. I needed a wee. I drearily mused to no-one that I may as well just lie there and wee all over myself seeing as that’s what everybody else would be doing in a couple of hours. But I refrained, and arose, merely to conform … [Read more…]

Living with chickens

`You can’t gift wrap a chicken so I did not have the element of surprise. I do have a magician friend and I suppose were he to have lived locally, he could probably have taught me the slight of hand necessary to produce a flapping bantam from my trousers. But alas he lives in Bedford and … [Read more…]

Chaos theory

Chaos Theory: The branch of mathematics that deals with complex systems whose behaviour is highly sensitive to slight changes in conditions, so that small alterations can give rise to strikingly great consequences *A conversation in April on a warm sunny day. A day without a hint of rain. Ironically*. Me: Hi can you come around and … [Read more…]