Quite honestly I’m terrified – part one.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must face his fears.  A time when he must dig deep and muster the courage to stand-up and be counted. In short, there comes a time when a man must be a man.  My time is nigh. Tomorrow is my time. Tomorrow, my wife (the actor) leaves … [Read more…]

If a boy shouts in a forest…..

There are moments when your children embarrass you.  There are moments when your children inspire dark thoughts within you….thoughts of adoption, or at the very least of boarding school. There are moments when you wish your children weren’t  in fact your children at all, instead you wish they were someone else’s children, or something else entirely, … [Read more…]

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

I am a minimalist at heart. A happy minimalist. If I were to live alone, I would have ten possessions. Those ten possessions would be…..in no particular order…… TV Bed Shower Laptop Whisky glass Whisky Pyjamas Bicycle Meditation cushion Spectacles I think I could function perfectly happily with no more than the above ten carefully selected items. Other people may … [Read more…]

How many is too many?

I am 39 years old and here is a fact of my life. In the first 38 years of my life I bought zero (0) toilet seats. However in the last year of my life, I have bought four (4) toilet seats….so far (I should clarify when I say last year, I meanas in years 38 to … [Read more…]

Dickens had kids right?

I shall admit right off the bat that I have never read A Tale of Two Cities* and to be honest, I probably never will. However my literary inadequacies aside, I am going to assume that ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…‘ was written about the trials and tribulations of travelling and … [Read more…]

The Honeymoon

  The hotel, at best, is adequate At worst, an ill-managed shack The beach is a convenient two miles away Annoyingly four on the detour back The food is repetitious and repeats on me The queue for ping-pong a meandering line Weather is crap Wish you were here We’re having a shocking time The entertainment … [Read more…]

Imagine (if you dare)

Imagine a week away with good friends.  Imagine a little cottage, with everything you would need for a comfortable stay.  Imagine a picturesque village, with a delightful public house next door.  Imagine the beach on your doorstep and a tank full of petrol in your new car to transport you delightful places, further along tree-lined country … [Read more…]

Home is where the husband is…

My wife and I have a fairly traditional marriage and living arrangement. Essentially, I carry on as if I am in charge, but in reality I’m not. Of course I’m not. She is. We both know this. However, irrespective of this, I carry on as if I’m in charge. I talk like I’m in charge, … [Read more…]