Deep breaths and muttering

So it goes a little something like this…. I DO NOT want to buy an electric lawn mower, as I have an ethically and morally superior hand push affair that makes me feel all holy; but  I secretly borrow (and use) a friends mower because it cuts my grass all pretty like and I like … [Read more…]

I live to tell the tale….

I survived – Mazeltov and Huzzah! (If this statement leaves you perplexed, read this earlier post and then return to this…for continuity you understand) After 3 (THREE) different nurses were unable to find my veins….. Them: Have you ever had problems being able to find your veins before? Me: No? They’ve always been there. In … [Read more…]

Hot innit

The sun is as high as an elephant’s eye. The sky is so, so blue. So why am I sat inside thinking of starting a blog? Is it because I am avoiding moving the lawn?  (partly) Is it because I am by nature a pasty white/blue skinned man who dare not even say melanoma for … [Read more…]

The Entrepreneurial Mule.

Stood on the sand a fine figure he cut, Un-tethered, back leathered, preparing to strut. Characteristically nodding his head for good measure, This I could see was his business and pleasure.   Impressed was I by his jib, This descendant of Jesus’ ride to his crib, Stood patiently by, As I, Espied, And heard the … [Read more…]