But now

I used to want to be Elvis

To be honest, I kinda still do

The curl of a lip and the black of a quiff

But minus the death on the loo

The wish to be adored by many

I suppose is a peculiar trait

But now I’m happy to be adored by you

And to wear a sparkly jumpsuit



I used to want to be Eddie

Izzard, not Eagle or Yates

To stand up and be witty

Across international cities

To be considered a comedy great

But now I’m content to write words

And to suppose your laughter-out-loud

Besides I look well-iffy in rouge

So it’s probably just as well


I used to want to feel nothing

And so I chose just to think

And think, and think, and think, and think

And think, and think, and think

But then someone made me feel

She pointed out my mistake

And opened me up to a world of me

And in that world there is you


Now I just want to be me

And see how that feels for a bit

I’m scared for real

But I always was

But it’s not as bad as you ‘d think

What’s hard is hiding from it

And pretending it’s not there

I don’t want to do that anymore

So there’s that now

© 2014. Man in his pyjamas. All rights reserved.  www.maninhispyjamas.com