My love life stinks

My parents divorced, it didn’t affect me

I’ve been saying that since I was a kid

Swearing blind to the world it didn’t matter to me

While the world swore back that it did

I couldn’t care less if I tried, but I shan’t even bother

To try, for fear that you’d think

That I was affected somewhat and the conclusion you got

Was from the knowledge

My love life stinks.


Yes it does whiff a bit, I’ll admit to that

But I tell you there’s NO correlation

Ok Mum and Dad may have argued a tad

But I’m not the f’d up relation

How dare you imply, that someone such as I

Needs to learn what a therapist thinks

A shrink would suggest, I expect like the rest, that

My love life stinks.


If I behave like an arse in a ridiculous farce

Or a child in mid-temper tantrum

It’s not my parent’s crime; they’ve been dead for some time

I ‘m not haunted by the divorce phantom.

I do choose to use the tactics to loose your love

But search for no links.

My dear I regret you leaving but yet, I deny

My love life stinks.

© 2014. Man in his pyjamas. All rights reserved.