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Things you may not know

This page is for little known facts that may have passed you by.  Here you can significantly increase your general knowledge and learn things to truly amaze/annoy your friends.

This page you will either love or loathe. You will get it or you won’t. You had better check out this page and get up to speed. You may be an idiot. If you are, remember you heard it here first.


Trevor McDonald has a musical anus.

Burglary is the national pastime of the Swiss.

Jesus wore a false beard.

Piccalilli tastes of disappointment.

In Australia the 12 x times table is an act of war.

Shakespeare wrote Anne Frank’s diary.

If you circumnavigate the world anti-clockwise you’ll get told off.

Erectile dysfunction is linked to excessive hovering.

The Queen will spit in your face if you don’t curtsey.

The Dead Sea is just not very well.


Previously on things you may not know… 


If you put a sheep in a cupboard it will be furious.

People that make their own pasta are most likely rapists.

In parts of France it is considered rude to finger your host.

If you point at a deaf person they will immediately start to dance.

Jeremy Kyle is an anagram of  ‘What a Jolly mong’

A Cadbury’s Creme Egg will fit perfectly up a duck’s  bottom.

Bananas only curve to the right.

Your GP is obliged to buy you flowers if they can’t correctly guess your weight.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can not take a marmoset dancing.

Bald men are more likely to get lost in airports.

A hiccup is accepted currency in Bolivia.

Englebert Humperdink can’t say his own name without giggling.

John Lennon invented spaghetti.

If you swipe a man’s penis across a bar code reader, it’ll play the National Anthem of the country he was born in.

If you squeeze a cat’s paw, it will turn the miaow off.

The first snowman was built in 1847 by Charlie Chaplin, by mistake.

The number 8 used to be the number 6, but people complained.

People that speak more than one language are making it up.

Bruce Forsyth died on a golf course in 1984.

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is a shit-head

Plasters don’t to stick to Albinos.

It is impossible see a panda through binoculars.

If you kick a cabbage it’ll roll in a perfect circle.

3.30am does not exist in New Mexico.

Poltergeists hate treacle.

Kangaroos totally understand subtext.

Peripheral vision is frowned upon in interviews

People with ginger hair have laughable balance.

A Penny Farthing is sexual misconduct.

A folded pancake will always point to true North.

Nipples are complimentary at all Premier Inns.

In Italy you need a licence to push a wheelbarrow.

Lord Nelson had female genitals.

The Police can stop  and search you if they suspect you of carrying melted chocolate.

Cuddling is outlawed in lighthouses.

Lipstick is invisible at high altitudes.

A cheese and salad baguette will buy you 10 minutes on a prison treadmill.

Crab cakes were invented by Leonardo Da Vinci.


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9 Thoughts on “Things you may not know

  1. maninhispyjamas on January 20, 2013 at 15:23 said:

    I have spent many late night hours leafing through dusty encyclopaedias. I also channel a know-it-all that recently passed. He keeps me in the know…

  2. Your website page content has made me cry with laughter and brightened my day :)

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  4. All undeniable. ;) #fact

  5. Think of this as a public service. Here to serve the people.

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